Tulip Bulbs to your front door.

Tulip Town Bulb Company offers many varieties of tulips – all imported from the Netherlands. Found in Orange City, Iowa, our company focuses on bringing authentic tulip bulbs right to your front door. We ship these bulbs anywhere in the country, and all you need to do is plant and care for them. Simple! You can create your own garden of colorful tulips in no time. 

get to know us

Want to get to know us? We’re Keri and Dan, owners of Tulip Town Bulb Company. After moving to Orange City in 2017, we loved the Dutch community and wanted to get involved. We bought Mulder’s Tulip Town Bulb Company and have been growing our business ever since.

We also plant thousands of tulip bulbs each fall at our downtown location of 116 First Street SW. These tulips bloom in April and May for our community and those who visit to enjoy. To see firsthand what our varieties of tulips look like, visit our display garden in the Photo Gallery.

Curious about how to plant your bulbs?
  • september – NOVEMber

    It’s time to start planting your tulip bulbs! The perfect time to put your bulbs into the ground is when the soil has dropped below 60 degrees, but the soil is still workable.

  • November – January

    Your bulbs have settled in and started to grow roots. They are in the cooling phase, where they use the cold weather to prepare for the spring.

  • February – may

    Leaves and flowers have pushed out of the bulb, and you start to see tulips in full bloom.

  • June – September

    When the blooming period has passed, the blooms are cut and the leaves are left to provide food for next year’s plant.